Pathways to Recovery

What Pathways to Recovery Offers

What We Offer The Vermont Recovery Network’s Pathways to Recovery project has hired Pathway Guides to work out of recovery centers, providing support for Vermonters who are seeking or receiving Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate addiction. Many of Vermont’s recovery centers now have an experienced peer recovery worker you can contact and to whom you can refer people. The services and supports described are based on proven practices and have demonstrated that they increase engagement and retention in peer recovery services, as well as increasing abstinence and functioning in other life areas.

Recovery Support Individual Recovery Support

Our Pathway Guides are available to provide support to individuals in Medication Assisted Treatment and those contemplating or waiting to get into a Medication Assisted Treatment program. Pathway Guides engage people, ask questions, and listen. Depending on what they hear, they may help people find community resources that meet their needs and support them as they navigate through the human services and treatment system; they may also help individuals connect with others in recovery, recovery centers, recovery services, and mutual support groups. Pathway Guides help people interested in or receiving Medication Assisted Treatment with their efforts to improve their lives.

Recovery Coaching

Pathway Guides regularly connect individuals in Medication Assisted Treatment with trained Recovery Coaches. Recovery Coaches provide the sorts of recovery supports described above during regularly scheduled meetings. They help people to create a vision for their lives in recovery, They help people set goals, and they support people while they achieve the plans they make for lives in recovery.

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