Services Offered


A recovery coach listens to you, helps you figure out what to do, and supports your choices.  Together, you and your coach will explore what steps will help you succeed in your recovery.  To request a recovery coach call (802) 479-7373.


Making Recovery Easier consists of six weekly 90 minute session.  The sessions are led by trained recovery coaches.

This interactive, educational workshop addresses myths about AA, NA, CA and recovery in general by creating a supportive environment for sharing and discussing experiences both positive and negative.
Making Recovery Easier supports you in connecting with a personally satisfying approach to recovery that follows a path that is right for you. Our experienced facilitators will assure that the group is safe and will emphasize to all participants that whatever is said during these sessions should not be shared anywhere else.

This is an appropriate group for those new to the recovery process or for those who have some experience with AA, NA or CA but have not found recovery easy. If you’re struggling, this may help.

Pre-registration is not required. However, calling ahead is recommended.  (802) 479-7373


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